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March 21, 2022

How to Use a Sausage Gun – Step by Step

Using a Sealant Gun

Preparing a sausage gun for use with foil sealant and adhesives is really easy. In this article we provide a simple step by step guide on how to set up your Hippo Dual Barrelled Sealant Gun for use with a 400ml foil sausage.

Hippo ECO-PAC foil sausages offer up to 38% extra product and produce 96% less waste than their plastic cartridge equivalents, which can also be used in our dual barrelled sealant guns.

Follow the steps below and / or watch the How to Sausage Gun in 30 Seconds video for a crash course.

Sealant Gun Trigger Component

Step 1: Prepare Your Sealant Gun

Grab your applicator gun and hold it by the aluminium barrel, gently unscrew the blue handle at one end and then the blue top at the other end. From new the plunger mechanism on the handle should already be set up for use with a foil sausage. To confirm this, positioned at the end of the plunger, there will be a metal disc located either side of one made from plastic.

To finish preparing the gun, screw the aluminium barrel back on to the trigger mechanism and while pressing the steel plate on the blue handle, pull back the plunger rod so that it is fully retracted.

Opening a Foil Sausage

Step 2: Prepare Your Sausage

Both ends of a foil sausage can be opened. So gently hold the foil sausage with one end pointing upwards. Then locate the metal clip located towards the end. Using a sharp pair of scissors, snip the top off, just below the metal clip. Thereafter, with the cut end facing out, slide the sausage into the barrel of the sealant gun.

Opening a Plastic Sealant Nozzle

Step 3: Set Your Bead Width

Consider your required bead width and remove an appropriate section from the end of the plastic nozzle. Trimming more from the end of your nozzle provides a wider bead. Once you’re satisfied that your nozzle width meets requirements, push it through the blue metal top and screw both parts back to the barrel. Your opened foil sausage will now be fully enclosed inside the applicator gun.

Loading a Foil Sealant Gun

Step 4: Get Your Jobs Done

Begin gently pumping the gun. Shortly after you’ll notice the contents of the sausage beginning to move through the nozzle. Release the trigger to halt the flow.

Left Over Foil Sausage

Step 5: Save For Later

You don’t need to use the entire contents of your sausage in one go, instead you can save some for future jobs. Simply cover the tip of the nozzle with a piece of foil or cling film. Or if you need to use the gun to dispense a different product. Unscrew the blue top and drop the foil from the barrel into your hand without removing the plastic nozzle. Store in a cool, dry place (avoid cold and frost). Then start over with a different product.

Compact Aluminium Foil Sausage Waste

Step 6: Clean up

Once your foil sausage is empty, remove it from the sealant gun by unscrewing the blue metal top from the gun barrel. Separate it from the nozzle and the remaining waste. If you’re using the same type of product again, then the nozzle can be re-used with your next sausage. Dispose of the compact aluminium waste and used plastic nozzles appropriately, according to local regulations. And that’s it, job done.

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