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Hippo PRO3 Television Advert

  We’re on TV! We’re excited to launch our new Hippo PRO3 television advert. To support our war on waste plastics, our new commercial will be broadcast widely across the Channel 4 network. In the UK an estimated 5 million tonnes of plastic is consumed every year and nearly half is packaging. Sadly the construction […]

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Clean Your Act Up

Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes.   Our latest radio commercial has now aired on talkSPORT radio. In a new commercial to support our amazing Heavy Duty Trade Wipes. Our difficult to please customer has returned and once again he's not happy! This time he's giving his builder a tough time about making a mess. Click [...]

Before The Football Starts

Hippo PRO3 Adhesive, Sealant & Filler   We're excited to share the launch of our latest radio commercial on talkSPORT. Our new commercial is all about the incredible Hippo PRO3. To highlight just how amazing it is, we've brought back our over demanding customer to demonstrate. This time he's encouraging his builder, in what seems [...]
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The Wife’s White Carpets

Hippo High Performance Carpet Protector   Our first ever radio commercial has now aired on talkSPORT radio. It's all about understanding how important getting "nothing on the carpet" is to home owners, especially during building, decorating and renovation work!  In the commercial our tough talking home owner points out, in his own special way, that [...]
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