Product News

October 24, 2023

Kitchen and Bathroom Installers Rejoice

Introducing our Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive for use in kitchens and bathrooms. An all in one bonding and jointing solution for professional kitchen and bathroom installers.

Easily fix, seal and finish commercial or domestic kitchens and bathrooms!

This fantastic new product has been specially created to make installing kitchens and bathrooms easier and more efficient. Whats more, thanks to impressive drying times, it even helps make sure facilities are ready for use quickly after installation.

By making use of the very latest hybrid MS polymer technology this remarkable product boasts a comprehensive list of features to meet the needs of professional installers:

Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive Technology

Incredible Versatility

This product is different from ordinary sealants and adhesives because it has superb instant grab and high bond strength. Which means you can use it to stick almost any type of building material to any other type. Additionally, it is permanently elastic by up to 25%, so it can keep joints watertight even if they are constantly under stress.

Apply in Wet Conditions

Just like the incredible Hippo PRO3, this product can be applied in wet environments and will even dry when underwater. This ensures that you can work without interruption, even when the conditions are not perfect.

Safe For Food Preparation Areas

Ultimate Sealant & Adhesive has been certified food safe. This allows it to be used for sticking, filling, and sealing exposed joints around food preparation areas. As a result you can confidently use it in commercial kitchens, where good food hygiene is mandatory.

Long Lasting Durability

In addition to its high bond strength, this product features a natural anti-fungal formula. So you can trust it keep things where they are supposed to be, as well as free from ugly mould growth.

Available From All Good Merchants

Grab your tube today and say goodbye to the need for loads of products to get the whole job done. Hippo Ultimate Sealant and Adhesive is available from builders merchants and retail outlets.