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October 31, 2023

Coloured Sealants For Every Application

Thanks to our new Prestige range of coloured sealants, its now possible to coordinate high performance silicone joints, with any type of building material in any location.

This multifunctional 4-in-1 sealant is made with our highest grade silicone technology and comes in more than 50 colours across 11 palettes. Furthermore its special low modulus silicone formula, delivers seriously flexible waterproof joints.

Special Matt Sealant Finishes

Silicone sealants normally dry with a glossy finish. However a shiny gloss finish can sometimes detract from the overall aesthetic of a project. Fortunately the Hippo Prestige range also includes a broad choice of matt colour options. These make it possible to subtly match sealant joints with a much wider assortment of materials.

Hippo Prestige coloured sealants icon

Sealant Colour Charts

Below you can browse every colour from the Hippo Prestige range. These are organised by colour group, simply click the colour groups below to open and view each palette.

  1. Matt Finishes

    Matt Colour Palette

    Matt White Matt Jasmine Matt Grey Beige Matt Light Manhattan Matt Grey
    Matt Concrete Grey Matt Dark Grey Matt Black

  2. Grey Tones

    Grey Colour Palette

    Beige Grey
    (RAL 7006)
    Olive Grey
    (RAL 7002)
    Harmony Grey Light Grey
    (RAL 7035)
    Telegray 4
    (RAL 7047)
    Nordic Grey Pigeon Grey Platinum Grey
    (RAL 7036)
    Rock Grey Donkey Grey
    Anthracite *
    (RAL 7016)

  3. Metallic Tones

    Metallic Colour Palette

    Inox * Aluminium * Pearl Mouse Grey *
    (RAL 7048E)
    White Aluminium * Grey Aluminium *

  4. Green Tones

    Green Colour Palette

    Olive Green *
    (RAL 6003)
    Moss Green *
    (RAL 6005)
    Fern Green *
    (RAL 6025)
    Pale Green
    (RAL 6021)
    Pastel Green

  5. Brown Tones

    Brown Colour Palette

    Brown Beige Oak Ochre
    (RAL 8001)
    Pale Brown
    (RAL 8025)

  6. Biege Tones

    Biege Colour Palette

    Limestone Light Beige Hazelnut Beige Pastel Taupe

  7. White Tones

    White Colour Palette

    Off White * Pure White
    (RAL 9010)
    Grey White
    (RAL 9002)
    (RAL 9001)
    Jasmine *
    Nuance White

  8. Blue Tones

    Blue Colour Palette

    Pool Blue * Pigeon Blue *
    (RAL 5014)
    Gentian Blue *
    (RAL 5010)

  9. Black Tones

    Black Colour Palette

    Jet Black *
    (RAL 9005)
    Black Truffle

  10. Red Tones

    Red Colour Palette

    Beige Red Flame Red *
    (RAL 3000)
    Wine Red *
    (RAL 3005)

  11. Yellow Tones / Others

    Oher Colours

    This colour is influenced by the adjoining materials and dries with a cloudy transparent finish
    Curry Transparent

*Some colours are suitable for use underwater, when used with a primer. Where appropriate, each of these colours is marked with an asterisk on the colour chart.

High Performance 4 in 1 Silicone Sealant

Seal Kitchens

Hippo Prestige silicones are an ideal solution for creating waterproof joints in kitchens. So now you can perfectly finish and colour match adjoining kitchen components, like thoughtfully appointed sinks and cabinets. On top of that, Hippo Prestige is classified food safe, so you can safely use it in food preparation areas.

Seal Wet Rooms & Swimming Pools

Choose a Prestige colour to create long lasting, flexible, and waterproof joints on unhidden parts of plumbing systems. Use it to seal areas in wet rooms like around showers, baths, and washbasins. Additionally seal substrates in recreational areas like swimming pools. Or pick a blue tone for joints inside swimming pools (primer required).

Seal Glazing Units

Colour match the fit and look of window frames with adjoining materials and paint work, using Prestige. Securely weather seal things like insulating glass, single glazed glass and laminated glass on wood, aluminium and PVC.

Seal Miscellaneous Joints

You can use Prestige silicones to form durable joints between many types of interior and exterior substrates. Successfully match and seal things like natural stone sills, benches, window sills, tiles, and curb stones. And seal around mirrors.

Available From All Good Merchants

To match coloured sealants with your project, you can order tubes of Hippo Prestige 4 in 1 Silicone from all good builders merchants and retail outlets. Alternatively to learn more about its capabilities and technical characteristics, visit our product details page.