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August 30, 2022

New Improved Sealant Gun

We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our new improved sealant gun, with a number of subtle, but useful, improvements that make it stronger, easier to use and even more efficient.

No Mess – No Pinching – No Problems.

More and more professionals are switching to foil sausages and we’ve been listening to their feedback. We’ve taken user suggestions back to the drawing board and our tech eggheads have replied with some updates that make our gun even better.

Internally, when setup for use with foil sausages, we’ve introduced a new, smooth rounded, metal plunger cap. Consequently this new part helps extrude the utmost amount of product from sausages, creating even less waste than before.

New Double Strength Mechanism

To improve overall durability, accompanying the new plunger cap is a new double strength mechanism. Together these improvements now make it possible for professionals to own a dependable multi-purpose applicator. A sealant gun for life, which can be used to dispense foils or cartridges.

  • Now even more efficient.
  • Strong durable parts.
  • Flush fit barrel for stay clean use with foils.
  • Works with 400ml aluminium foils or 310ml and 380ml plastic cartridges.
  • Available now, from all Hippo stockists.
Sealant Gun Foil Plunger

Create Less Waste With Foil Sausages

Better For The Environment and Your Pocket

Our strong aluminium foil sausages replace single use plastic cartridges and are much better for the environment. This is because using an ECO-PAC means you consume 99% less plastic and generate 96% less waste volume.

As well as the environmental benefits, you also benefit financially. This is because our 400ml ECO-PACs are better value for money than their 290ml cartridge equivalents. On some products you get up to 38% more in an ECO-PAC for the same price as a plastic cartridge.



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