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GRIPit No Nails Adhesive

An easy to use, solvent free adhesive that's a good alternative to nails.

GRIPit Universal Adhesive

A high performance, next generation grab adhesive that will stick virtually anything to anything.

Hard Floor Protector

Self adhesive and durable protection for wooden, stone and ceramic floors.

Hazard Barrier Tape

Heavy duty, adhesive free tape for marking areas of danger.

Hazard Warning Tape

Durable UV resistant tape for clear notification of safety messages.

Heavy Duty Duct Tape

Tough all purpose tape that repairs, protects, binds and reinforces.

Heavy Duty Trade Wipes

Industrial strength, double sided wet wipes with superior absorbency.

Low-Tac Masking Tape

High performance, low adhesion tape for masking delicate surfaces.

Packaging Tape

Adhesive tape that is ideal for assembling cartons and sealing cardboard boxes.

Pipe Repair Tape

Self amalgamating rapid rescue tape for all types of pipe.

PRO1 Power Bond Adhesive

Incredible strength and a replacement for mechanical fixings. This is the ultimate grab adhesive.

PRO2 Sealant & Adhesive

A highly versatile, multi-purpose sealant and construction adhesive. With permanent elasticity this is the ultimate sealant.