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14-Day Masking Tape

Interior and exterior masking tape for extended use and no paint bleed.

All Purpose Cloth

All purpose dry paper cloths that are incredibly absorbent

All Purpose Trade Wipes

Tough spun lace wet wipes that deliver a smear free finish.

All Weather Tape

A clear, waterproof and durable adhesive tape for all purpose outdoor use.

Aluminium Tape

Strong reflective tape for protecting sensitive surfaces from heat and light sources.

Anti Bacterial Wipes

Fresh smelling wipes for bacteria free hands and hard surfaces.

Anti-Slip Grip Tape

An adhesive tape for creating safe non slip surfaces.

Border Repair Adhesive

Ready to use adhesive for quick and permanent repairs to wallpaper and borders.

Carpet Protector

Self adhesive and durable protection for any type of carpet.

Clean Edge Masking Tape

High performance masking tape for creating super sharp painted edges.

Dual Barrelled Sealant Gun

Strong metal applicator gun for all types of sealant & adhesive products.

Expanding Glue

Moisture activated polyurethene glue that expands to fill gaps