PVA Adhesive & Sealer

A multi-purpose bonding agent, primer, sealer, cement and plaster admixture.

General Details

This concentrated PVA is ideal for plastering jobs because it adheres well to plaster, as well as other common building materials. It’s ideal for multi-purpose use priming unsound surfaces or as an adhesive.

You can use it on wood, cork, paper, textiles and most applications where at least one surface is porous. Additionally use it for general dust sealing on flaking walls etc and as a cement and plaster admixture.

Beware; there are lots of weak watery PVA’s available on the market. Hippo PVA is a good quality product with a high solids content. Which means you can dilute it with water by up to 4 parts to 1, so it will go much further than some other brands.

Key Features
  • Class leading quality.
  • Complies with the BS5270 standard.
  • Certified plastering compliant.
  • Works with 3rd party products.
  • Improves material flexibility.
  • Suitable for wood working.


Technical Info
Testing Standard Result
Physical State Visual Liquid
Colour Visual White
Minimum Film Forming Temp Approx 2°C
High Temp Stability 1 Week @ @ 50°C Stable
Viscosity @ 23°C Brookfield RTV 5/20rpm 7000 – 15000cps
pH 5.5 – 6.5
Product Variations
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18752 1.0 Litre Dries Clear 5060054187528
H18750 5.0 Litre Jerry Dries Clear 5060084187504