Prestige Coloured Silicone

High performance silicone sealant that works with almost any type of building material in any location and perfectly matches the colour of your project.

General Details

4 in 1 Silicone Sealant

Hippo Prestige coloured silicone sealant will permanently seal joints between almost any type of building material in virtually any location.

Featuring our highest grade of silicone sealant technology this multifunctional 4 in 1 product includes more than 50 colour options, across 11 colour palettes.

All of which means that it’s now possible for sealant users to pick a finish that matches or coordinates with virtually any project aesthetic.

Multifunctional Low Modulus Silicone.

All sealants in the Prestige range are truly multi purpose. This is thanks to a low modulus silicone formula, which enables each single part cartridge to be compatible with an extensive selection of building materials.

On top of that it can be used in most interior or exterior locations. Therefore you can confidently use this product for things like:

  • Sealing plumbing systems and damp areas like showers, baths, around washbasins, and between substrates.
  • Sealing joints in kitchens around sinks and cabinets. Additionally this product is food safe and meets the requirements of the FDA code 21 §177.2600.
  • Top sealing insulating glass, single glazed glass and laminated glass on wood, aluminium and PVC.
  • As a natural stone sealant for sills, benches, window sills, tiles, and curbstones. (For example bluestone, marble, granite…)
  • Sealing around mirrors.
  • Sealing joints around swimming pools.
  • Sealing joints in swimming pools¹

¹Only certain colours are suitable and a primer must be applied. All appropriate colours are marked with an asterisk on the colour chart.


Key Features

  • Match colours with any project
  • Multifunctional
  • Low modulus Polysiloxane formula
  • Permanently elastic with 20% flexibility
  • Food safe (FDA Approved)
  • Mould resistant
  • Excellent workability
  • Weather and UV resistant

*Please note that product performance varies by finish colour – see technical info.


Technical Info
Standard Colours Matt Colours
Curing System By means of humidity By means of humidity
Components 1 1
Skin Formation At 23ᴼC & 50% RH 15 minutes 17 mins
Curing At 23ᴼC & 50% RH 2,5 mm after 24 h 3.5 mm after 24 h
Density ISO 1183 Transparent Base: 1,0 g/ml | Filled Base: 1,31 g/ml 1,18 g/ml
Processing Temp +5ᴼC to +40ᴼC +5ᴼC to +40ᴼC
Shore A Hardness ISO 868 – 3 seconds Transparent Base: 20 | Filled Base: 32 36
Elastic Recovery ISO 7389 >80% >80%
Joint Movement Capacity ISO 11600 20% 12.5%
Modulus at 100% Elongation ISO 8339 – 100% elongation Transparent Base: 0,34 N/mm² | Filled Base: 0,48 N/mm² 0,750 N/mm²
Elongation at Break ISO 8339 Transparent Base: 250% | Filled Base: 180% 130%
Service Temp -50ᴼC to +150ᴼC -50ᴼC to +150ᴼC
UV Resistance Excellent Excellent
Paint Compatibility No No



Do not subject to thermal, mechanical or chemical stress before curing is complete.

Not suitable for applications with permanent water load (except colours on a transparent basis with the use of a primer).

Please note that the mould resistance feature should not be interpreted as a substitute for cleaning sealant joints. Heavy soiling and prolonged moist conditions can still stimulate the development of fungi.

This product will not adhere to PE, PP, PTFE (Teflon®) and bituminous substrates. Always test the adhesion on powder-coated materials, plastic and EPDM.

Contact with plasticising materials such as butyl or neoprene can cause discolouration and/or loss of adhesion.

This product is not suitable for heel sealing of double glazed or laminated glass. Not compatible with the edge sealing of insulation glazing and PVB safety glass film.

When the colour white or translucent is used and there is limited natural light, yellowing can occur over time in predominantly dark conditions. This does not affect the products performance.

It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use.

Product Variations
Matt Colours
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18692 300ml Cartridge Matt White 5060084186927
H18693 300ml Cartridge Matt Jasmine 5060084186934
H18694 300ml Cartridge Matt Grey Beige 5060084186941
H18695 300ml Cartridge Matt Light Manhattan 5060084186958
H18696 300ml Cartridge Matt Grey 5060084186965
H18697 300ml Cartridge Matt Concrete Grey 5060084186972
H18698 300ml Cartridge Matt Dark Grey 5060084186989
H18699 300ml Cartridge Matt Black 5060084186996


Grey Tones
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18659 300ml Cartridge Beige Grey 5060084186590
H18660 300ml Cartridge Olive Grey 5060084186606
H18682 300ml Cartridge Harmony Grey 5060084186828
H18683 300ml Cartridge Light Grey 5060084186835
H18684 300ml Cartridge Telegray 4 5060084186842
H18685 300ml Cartridge Nordic Grey 5060084186859
H18686 300ml Cartridge Pigeon Grey 5060084186866
H18687 300ml Cartridge Platinum Grey 5060084186873
H18688 300ml Cartridge Rock Grey 5060084186880
H18689 300ml Cartridge Donkey Grey 5060084186897
H18691 300ml Cartridge Anthracite 5060084186910


Metallic Tones
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18676 300ml Cartridge Inox 5060084186767
H18677 300ml Cartridge Aluminium 5060084186774
H18678 300ml Cartridge Pearl Mouse Grey 5060084186781
H18679 300ml Cartridge White Aluminium 5060084186798
H18680 300ml Cartridge Grey Aluminium 5060084186804


Green Tones
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18661 300ml Cartridge Olive Green 5060084186613
H18662 300ml Cartridge Moss Green 5060084186620
H18663 300ml Cartridge Fern Green 5060084186637
H18664 300ml Cartridge Pale Green 5060084186644
H18665 300ml Cartridge Pastel Green 5060084186651


Brown Tones
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18655 300ml Cartridge Brown Beige 5060084186552
H18667 300ml Cartridge Oak 5060084186675
H18668 300ml Cartridge Ochre 5060084186682
H18669 300ml Cartridge Pale Brown 5060084186699


Beige Tones
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18652 300ml Cartridge Limestone 5060084186521
H18653 300ml Cartridge Light Beige 5060084186538
H18654 300ml Cartridge Hazelnut 5060084186545
H18656 300ml Cartridge Beige Pastel 5060084186569
H18658 300ml Cartridge Taupe 5060084186583


White Tones
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18647 300ml Cartridge Off White 5060084186477
H18648 300ml Cartridge Pure White 5060084186484
H18649 300ml Cartridge Grey White 5060084186491
H18650 300ml Cartridge Cream 5060084186507
H18651 300ml Cartridge Jasmine 5060084186514
H18681 300ml Cartridge Nuance White 5060084186811


Blue Tones
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18672 300ml Cartridge Pool Blue 5060084186729
H18673 300ml Cartridge Pigeon Blue 5060084186736
H18674 300ml Cartridge Gentian Blue 5060084186743


Black Tones
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18675 300ml Cartridge Jet Black 5060084186750
H18690 300ml Cartridge Black Truffle 5060084186903


Red Tones
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18657 300ml Cartridge Beige Red 5060084186576
H18670 300ml Cartridge Flame Red 5060084186705
H18671 300ml Cartridge Wine Red 5060084186712


Yellow Tones
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18666 300ml Cartridge Curry 5060084186668


Everything Else
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18646 300ml Cartridge Transparent 5060084186460


Colour Chart

Choose Your Colour

Here you can browse the Prestige colour options and choose a look to match your project from 54 colours across 11 palettes.

Please note that the colours shown below are the closest digital representation possible, however these may vary from the final colour. Additionally the colour that you see may be influenced by the screen you are viewing on.

*Colours marked with an asterisk are suitable for underwater applications when used with a primer. 


Matt Colours
Matt White Matt Jasmine Matt Grey Beige Matt Light Manhattan Matt Grey
Matt Concrete Grey Matt Dark Grey Matt Black


Grey Tones
Beige Grey
(RAL 7006)
Olive Grey
(RAL 7002)
Harmony Grey Light Grey
(RAL 7035)
Telegray 4
(RAL 7047)
Nordic Grey Pigeon Grey Platinum Grey
(RAL 7036)
Rock Grey Donkey Grey
Anthracite *
(RAL 7016)


Metallic Tones
Inox * Aluminium * Pearl Mouse Grey *
(RAL 7048E)
White Aluminium * Grey Aluminium *


Green Tones
Olive Green *
(RAL 6003)
Moss Green *
(RAL 6005)
Fern Green *
(RAL 6025)
Pale Green
(RAL 6021)
Pastel Green


Brown Tones
Brown Beige Oak Ochre
(RAL 8001)
Pale Brown
(RAL 8025)


Biege Tones
Limestone Light Beige Hazelnut Beige Pastel Taupe


White Tones
Off White * Pure White
(RAL 9010)
Grey White
(RAL 9002)
(RAL 9001)
Jasmine *
Nuance White


Blue Tones
Pool Blue * Pigeon Blue *
(RAL 5014)
Gentian Blue *
(RAL 5010)


Black Tones
Jet Black *
(RAL 9005)
Black Truffle


Red Tones
Beige Red Flame Red *
(RAL 3000)
Wine Red *
(RAL 3005)


Yellow Tones / Others
This colour is influenced by the adjoining materials and dries with a cloudy transparent finish
Curry Transparent