Heavy Duty Duct Tape

Tough all purpose tape that repairs, protects, binds and reinforces.

General Details
Product Description

A strong, versatile and waterproof tape that adheres firmly to most surfaces and is easy to tear by hand.

With an impregnated, tight cloth weave this product delivers excellent tensile strength and good long term durability.

Sometimes referred to as “Duct” or “Gaffer” tape, HIPPO Heavy Duty Tape can be used on all kinds of rough, uneven and unforgiving materials like wood, stone, plaster, brick and many more.


Key Features
  • Reinforced weave.
  • Excellent tensile strength.
  • Strong adhesive.
  • Sticks to most materials.
  • Works in damp and wet conditions
Technical Info
Characteristics – Silver & Black
Adhesive Natural Rubber
Total Thickness 0.152 mm
Tensile Strength 66.7 N/25m
Elongation 25%
Adhesion to Steel 11.5 N/25mm
Service Temperature 0ᴼC ∽ +60ᴼC
Shelf Life 12 Months
Characteristics – White, Red, Blue, Green & Yellow
Adhesive Natural Rubber
Total Thickness 0.230 mm
Tensile Strength 83.2 N/25m
Adhesion to Steel 14.8 N/25mm
Service Temperature -10ᴼC ∽ +60ᴼC
Shelf Life 12 Months
Characteristics – Hi-Vis Yellow 
Adhesive Synthetic Rubber
Total Thickness 210 µm
Tensile Strength 40 N/cm
Elongation 17%
Adhesion to Steel 9 N/cm
Service Temperature -10ᴼC ∽ +60ᴼC
Shelf Life 12 Months
Characteristics – Yellow / Black
Adhesive Hot Melt
Total Thickness 190 Micron
Tensile Strength > 32 N/cm
Elongation > 12%
Adhesion to Steel > 7.0 N/cm
Product Variations
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18003 50mm x 25m Silver 5060084180031
H18000 50mm x 50m Silver 5060084180000
H18200 50mm x 50m
Twin Pack
Silver 5060084180123
H18013 75mm x 50m
Extra Wide
Silver 5060084180130
H18004 50mm x 25m Black 5060084180048
H18001 50mm x 50m Black 5060084180017
H18202 50mm x 50m
Twin Pack
Black 5060084180161
H18015 75mm x 50m
Extra Wide
Black 5060084180154
H18005 50mm x 25m White 5060084180055
H18002 50mm x 50m White 5060084180024
H18008 50mm x 10m Red 5060084180086
H18009 50mm x 10m Yellow 5060084180093
H18010 50mm x 10m Green 5060084180109
H18011 50mm x 10m Blue 5060084180116
H18419 50mm x 25m Hi-Vis Yellow 5060084180190
H18019 50mm x 33m Yellow / Black 5060084180192