Hard Floor Protector

Self adhesive and durable protection for wooden, stone and ceramic floors.

General Details

Our high performance hard floor protector is easy to use and durable. It’s ideal for use when you want to protect hard wood, laminate, natural stone and ceramic floors from stains and damage. Especially during periods of decorating, renovation and building work.

It’s a non porous, self adhesive film which is low slip. So you can confidently lay it down and be sure that it’s safe under foot.  Leave your protector in place on any hard floor surface for up to 30 days and when you’re ready, easily remove it, leaving behind no adhesive residue.

Laying down a Hippo Hard Floor Protector doesn’t require any tools or equipment. Rolls are reverse wound (sticky on the outside), which means they can simply be dropped in place, and quickly kicked out.

Key Features
  • Reverse wound for easy fitting.
  • Low slip.
  • Can be laid down for up to 30 days.
  • Instant clean removal with no adhesive residue.


Technical Info
Type of film LDPE UV Stabilised
Colour Blue Transparent
Thickness 40 ± 5 µm
Adhesive Acrylic Disp.
Adhesion to Stainless Steel 0,8 – 1,5 N/25mm
Service Temp  +15ᴼC to +40ᴼC
Outdoor Exposure Max 3 Months
Product Variations
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
H18606 600mm x 25m
Covers 15 Metres²
Blue Tint 5060084186064
H18601 600mm x 50m
Covers 30 Metres²
Blue Tint 5060084186019
H18612 600mm x 100m
Covers 60 Metres²
Blue Tint 5060084186125