Clean Edge Masking Tape

High performance masking tape for creating super sharp painted edges.

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General Details

Introducing our best masking tape for painting jobs. This super high quality, thin paper masking tape always delivers professional sharp paint lines.

It’s suitable for use with both solvent and water based paints. And a  UV resistant coating means that it can be used both inside and outside. It also includes a handy plastic storage container to protect the tape edges for future use.

You can apply Hippo Clean Edge Masking Tape to all types of surface. Including cured paint, wood trim, glass and metal. However, please note that for delicate surfaces we recommend using Hippo Low Tack Masking Tape.

Key Features
  • Interior & exterior use.
  • Use with any type of paint.
  • UV resistant.
  • Multi surface.
  • Removes cleanly.
  • Protective storage case included.


Technical Info
Carrier Paper
Colour Yellow
Adhesive Acrylic
Total Thickness 100 µm
Tensile Strength 6 (Kg/25mm)
Elongation at Break 4%
Peel Adhesion 0.33 (Kg/25mm)
Temperature 130ᴼC

Product Variations
Product Code Size Barcode
H18440 25mm x 41m 5060084184404
H18441 38mm x 41m 5060084184411