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Coloured Sealants For Every Application

Colourful news. It’s now possible to match the finish of any high performance joint with the look of any project. This is thanks to our colourful new Hippo Prestige 4 in 1 Silicone Sealant range. Simply browse any of the 11 colour palettes and choose from 54 colours. Each colour delivers a flexible and waterproof seal, in a finish that you’re looking for, wherever you need it.


Kitchen and Bathroom Installers Rejoice

We’re thrilled to introduce our ultimate sealant and adhesive, which has been specially formulated for commercial and domestic wet room environments. Finally theres a dedicated product for kitchen and bathroom installers which will simplify installation projects, deliver long lasting results, and get the whole job done!


Heavy Duty Wet Wipe Refills Are Here

More professional builders, decorators and DIYers are now invited join our sustainability drive to reduce waste plastic. Thanks to the arrival of new and improved refill packs for our popular Heavy Duty Trade Wipes, we’re doubling down on our commitments and offering loyal trade wipe users the chance to cut their waste plastic by 90%.


D Stands for Durable Wood Adhesive

We’re excited to announce the arrival of our new High Performance Wood Glue. With a strong water resistant formula which bonds a variety of wooden surface types and a grip time of just 30 minutes, its ideal for for all general wood working, joinery and DIY jobs. Learn about how wood glues are classified and get tips on choosing the best adhesive for the job.


Reduce Reuse & Recycle with Bamboo Wipes

The construction industry loves plastic and why not? It’s strong, long lasting, easily formable and cost-effective. But our future demands a greater number of more sustainable products. So we must continue to find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle single use plastic. And that’s why the next new product in our expanding range of biodegradable bamboo wipes does exactly that.