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January 27, 2020

More Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste



Each Year Millions of Waste Plastic Cartridges Are Sent to Landfill.

Hippo is the first sealant and adhesive brand to really tackle waste plastic, for decades the dominating brands have failed to invest in suitable alternatives to traditional plastic cartridges.

Hippo ECO-PAC’s are aluminium foil sausages that contain less than 1% plastic and create 96% less waste. We’re investing heavily to back this environmentally and economically better format, we want to change the market for ever.

So, today we’re delighted to announce the extension of our ECO-PAC range. We’re launching 12 new pack options and adding 7 more products to the offer. This also includes a new Decorators Caulk ECO-PAC from our sister filler brand Filltite.

The full Hippo ECO-PAC range now includes the products below. To find out more about how we’re changing the market with Hippo ECO-PAC click here.


Product Code Colour
PRO3 Adhesive, Sealant & Filler H18551 White
H18552 Crystal Clear
H18555 Anthracite
H18556 Black
PRO2 Sealant & Adhesive H18546 White
H18547 Translucent
PRO1 Power Bond Adhesive H18559 White
SEALit Sanitary Silicone H18537 White
H18538 Translucent
SEALit General Purpose Silicone H18564 White
H18565 Translucent
SEALit Flexible Decorators Filler H18346 White
GRIPit No Nails Adhesive H18557 White


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