Product News

August 17, 2023

Heavy Duty Wet Wipe Refills Are Here

Following the recent launch of biodegradable wet wipe refills and the chance to Reduce Reuse & Recycle with Bamboo Wipes. We’ve now extended our cleaning range with new and improved packaging for the other products in our wipes range.

Blitz your cleaning routine, help the planet, and save money at the same time!

As part of our long term commitment to sustainability, we’re pleased to announce that loyal users of our top selling cleaning product: Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes, can now reduce their consumption of waste plastic.

Brand New Packaging

Our incredible wet wipes now come in new eye-catching packaging. And whilst they maintain their amazing cleaning power, we’ve added a convenient refill pack to partner the sturdy dispensing tub. So here are 3 reasons why it’s a good idea for you to switch.

1. Reusable Dispenser Tub.

Thanks to its durability, our site safe dispenser tub is the preferred choice of trade professionals. On building sites and renovation projects its tough construction protects contents from rugged environments and harsh conditions. Which helps make sure that Hippo cleaning wipes are always on hand and ready to deliver incredible cleaning results.

Reusable dispenser tub of Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes
Refill pack of Hippo Heavy Duty Trade Wipes

2. Wet Wipe Refills Reduce Plastic Waste by 90%.

Refill packs bring many benefits and since the arrival of Multi Purpose Bamboo Wipe Refills, we’ve already prevented an estimated 2 tonnes of waste plastic. Subsequently we’ve made further improvements to our refill pouch, with a new design that has removed even more plastic. This means that utilising our new refill packs will cut waste plastic consumption by 90%.

3. Reduce Your Cleaning Expenses by 18%.

The benefits of wet wipe refill packs go beyond sustainability. This is because, just like each dispenser tub, every refill pack contains 80 powerful wet wipes. But refill packs cost less, which means you’ll save 18%, when you do the right thing for the environment. So what’s not to love? It’s time to make the switch and win the war on plastic waste.

A Powerful Team for Sustainable Industrial Strength Cleaning

Heavy Duty Trade Wipes are famously relied upon by trade professionals to clean dirt and grime, where other products fail. Unlike lesser wet wipes by some other brands, they’re made from tough, biodegradable spun lace. So with superior absorbency and double sided cleaning power, they can be trusted for industrial strength cleaning.

Heavy Duty Wet Wipe Refill Packs

Strong double sided wipes with superior absorbency.

Powerful anti bacteria formula.

Safe to use by hand and contain Aloe Vera.

New refill packs contain 90% less plastic.

Packaging is made from 30% recycled plastic and can be fully recycled.

Refill packs cost 18% less.