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February 10, 2022

Sustainably Sourced Biodegradable Wipes

Biodegradable Wipes

Most people already understand the everyday benefits of using wet wipes. Because in the UK alone, we get through 11,000,000,000 (11 billion!) wipes every year. That’s an average of 163 wipes per person. But there’s a problem. 90% of those wipes currently contain plastic and plastic isn’t biodegradable. Which means plastic wipes are here forever and that’s devastating.

Plastic Wet Wipes Permanently Pollute Marine Environments!

Considering their environmental impact and the demand for countless repairs to notoriously blocked waterways that they cause.  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that we need a better alternative. Especially when the water companies pass the financial cost of cleaning up the cleaning wipes to consumers!

Hippo All Purpose Trade Wipes

Introducing 100% Biodegradable Wet Wipes

We’re excited to announce a new sustainable solution to the plastic wipe problem, with the launch of Hippo Trade Wipes made from bamboo. These all purpose wipes have all the cleaning power and bigger, better performance that you’d expect from one of our products. But, unlike most other wet wipes, they’re fully biodegradable.

Our new wipes are unique because they’re quickly compostable. Therefore, when disposed properly after use, in the right conditions your used wipes will start biodegrading after just a few months. And eventually they’ll be gone forever!

Made From 100% Bamboo
Go Green and Stay Clean

All The Usual Benefits

Hippo Bamboo All Purpose Trade Wipes retain the same great cleaning qualities that Hippo wet wipes have become famous for. So you can confidentially rely on their superior strength and cleaning power.

Now it’s possible to keep the everyday benefits of wet wipes and become environmentally responsible all at the same time.

Go Green and Stay Clean

100% biodegradable as landfill waste inside 2 years.

Fully compostable as garden waste inside 12 months.

Strong anti-tear cloth material made from natural bamboo.

Bamboo has a growth rate of 30cm per day and is a highly renewable, eco-friendly material.

Includes powerful liquid formula, with an infused lemon scent, which removes grease, paint, silicone, and adhesives.

Sold in minimal, 100% recyclable packaging.

Same great bigger, better performance.

Pack Icons

Win the War on Waste Plastics

Ask your retailer or merchant for a pack of Hippo Bamboo All Purpose Trade wipes today. Alternatively you can find out more about this product here.

As part of our War on Waste Plastic, we’re constantly developing the eco capabilities of our products. Because we’re determined to build a range thats better for the environment, like our economical range of ECO-PAC foil sausages. Where you get up to 38% more product and 96% less plastic waste compared to cartridge equivalents.