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June 24, 2022

Eco Cleaning Cloths Made From Natural Bamboo

Eco Cleaning Cloths Made From Natural Bamboo

It’s time to stay green with a new high-performance product that’s not only great at what it does, but eco-friendly. Introducing new eco cleaning cloths, made from natural bamboo.

Our Multi-Purpose Bamboo Cloths aren’t just made from sustainable materials. Over and above that, they outperform other products because you can keep using them over again. Plus they’re 100% biodegradable.

Natural Bamboo Captures the True Spirit of Bigger, Better Performance, Like Nothing Else.

Now you can confidently clean stubborn dirt, safe in the knowledge that you’re using highly renewable materials and creating less waste. Furthermore, once you’re ready to throw one away. Don’t worry because your waste will compost inside 12 months!

Made from Bigger, Better Materials

Out With The Old and In With The New

As part of our long term sustainability and range improvement plan Hippo Multi-Purpose Bamboo Cloths will be replacing Hippo All-Purpose Cloths. In part we’ve taken this decision because they’re made from wood pulp. And unfortunately, virgin wood pulp production is widely regarded as an ongoing threat to the existence of forests worldwide.

On the contrary, bamboo is highly renewable and benefits the environment because of its amazing eco credentials. And for these reasons, our new cloths are simply better in every way.

Made From 100% Bamboo
Close up of Bamboo Cloth

High Strength Weave

Bamboo cloth is a eco cleaning solution that lasts. Its fabric is specially woven for extended durability and tear resistance. As a result, each cloth is long lasting and doesn’t deposit lint when you use it.

Superior Absorbency

Bamboo cloth is more absorbent than paper towel. And when it gets wet it stays strong. Which means you can soak it with water, for extra help when cleaning stubborn grime. Beyond that you can also use it with detergents.

Soaking Bamboo Cloth Under The Tap
Bamboo Cloth in Washing Machine

Machine Washable

Using bamboo cloths, rather than paper towels, is more economical. Once they get dirty, don’t throw them away. Simply pop in your washing machine, hang out to dry and repeat.

The Power of Natural Bamboo

Natural Bamboo Forest

Bamboo is often referred to as a ‘Superplant’ because it’s some of the fastest growing vegetation on Earth and yields super benefits for the planet.

It’s quite simply an amazing plant. Incredibly bamboo can grow up to 30cm in one day, which is 30x faster than other trees. Additionally, its able to absorb 30% more carbon dioxide and produce 35% more oxygen than other plant types.

All of which makes farming bamboo a great counterbalance in the battle against global warming, because it’s so eco-friendly.

Top Bamboo Benefits

Highly renewable with fast growth rate.

Does not require pesticides or fertilisers to grow.

Absorbs more carbon dioxide than other tree types.

Produces more oxygen than other tree types.

Plants reach maturity within 6 years – other trees take up to 60.