ECO-PAC Range Extended

  Every year millions of waste plastic sealant and adhesive cartridges are being sent to landfill. Hippo is the first sealant and adhesive brand to really tackle waste plastic, for decades the dominating brands have failed to invest in suitable alternatives to traditional plastic cartridges. Hippo ECO-PAC’s are aluminium foil sausages that contain less than […]

Adhesives, ECO-PAC, PRO Range, Sealants

Bring Some Colour

  PRO3 and PRO2 are now available in an extended choice of colours. When using Hippo PRO it’s now possible to get even better colour matches for your projects. For the occasions when a perfect colour match matters, we’ve put together an extended palette of special order colours. Available in either PRO2 or PRO3, these […]

Adhesives, PRO Range, Sealants