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Hippo PRO3 Television Advert

  We’re on TV! We’re excited to launch our new Hippo PRO3 television advert. To support our war on waste plastics, our new commercial will be broadcast widely across the Channel 4 network. In the UK an estimated 5 million tonnes of plastic is consumed every year and nearly half is packaging. Sadly the construction […]

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New Anti-Bacterial Wipes Launching Jan 2021

  A fresh start for a much anticipated new year. We’ll be kicking off 2021 with the arrival of our new Hippo Anti-Bacterial Wipes. For hands and hard surfaces these powerful wipes will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. With a fresh citrus scent the handy pack of 40 are the perfect companion for making […]


ECO-PAC Range Extended

  Every year millions of waste plastic sealant and adhesive cartridges are being sent to landfill. Hippo is the first sealant and adhesive brand to really tackle waste plastic, for decades the dominating brands have failed to invest in suitable alternatives to traditional plastic cartridges. Hippo ECO-PAC’s are aluminium foil sausages that contain less than […]

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Charles The Labourer Becomes a Changed Man

  Old grainy archive footage discovered. We were recently browsing through the archives and stumbled across some interesting old news footage. So we dusted off our 35mm projector and converted the film to digital so that it could be shared. We hope that you enjoy watching the story about when our hard working labourer Charles, […]

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Grab Your Sausage

  Better value for money and better for the environment. Watch our user guide video to learn about ECO-PAC for Hippo PRO3 Adhesive, Sealant & Filler. These new aluminium foil sausages replace traditional single use plastic cartridges. They’re easy to use with no mess, contain less than 1% plastic and leave behind 96% less waste […]

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